1. Dark Angel

    I don’t know why people think that all angels are white, pure and full of light and you can't even watch them straight into their eyes. I think that isn’t the whole truth. I saw one angel with black wings laying on the rocks. I think he had really fallen from heaven.

    Dark Angel

  2. Greta’s Painting

    Greta had a painting.. or actually it wasn’t a painting, it was made from leather. Leather painting seemed to be composed of waves. Story behind that painting told that it was a black river, river that had souls of its owners. I don’t believe that kind of stories.

    Greta’s Painting

  3. Helen’s Kitchen

    Helen has made her famous strawberry cupcakes for dessert. She looks so happy because she remembered how lucky she is because of a beautiful house and a handsome man, which is coming home in a moment. So let us leave Helen to prepare a perfect dinner for her family.

    Helen’s Kitchen

  4. Dominatrix

    Last summer I met a fascinating person. She told me that she is a professional Dominatrix. Her name was Dietrich.. yes Dietrich, and I couldn’t believe when she told me her profession. But as she didn’t have legs and she had lost one hand, how can she do the kinds of things she told me. I took a picture of her and I can’ t believe how beautiful and proud she looks in that picture.


  5. Isolated

    Loneliness and isolation can get so strong when you know that you're different from everyone else. Is it sexuality or what, I don’t know. It's like the words from a song I heard: "Under the sea, where are you now, another dream, the monsters running wild inside of me, I’ m faded, I’m lost...."


  6. Girl in the Park

    When I was walking in Helsinki one Sunday, I saw something in the park. She was sitting there with a black balloon and was staring at me. I don’t know which was more weird, her dress or the way she kept staring at me.

    Girl in the Park

  7. Black Dog in the Party

    Why people always talk about pink elephant in the room. We had a dinner party in my old friends flat, and there it was among us. It certainly was not a pink elephant, it was something else. I felt it in that place, but my friend just continued talking and having fun, just like there wasn't anything weird going on.

    Black Dog in the Party

  8. Broken

    I have tried to be normal, I have tried to get out of this. It was just a night as a girl, my evening as a princess, but it didn’t end like in the fairytales I have read as a child. Now there is left only shame and loneliness.


  9. Céleste

    Yes, she's French lady Céleste and I have heard that she's very decent and modest. Today I saw her sitting alone on the bench, in the park, smoking. I wondered, did she know that I could see under her dress, she couldn't have done that on purpose.


  10. Henrik

    I have graduated as a cloth designer in 2004, a sexual counsellor in 2015 and now I'm studying as a sexual therapist. Because of things that are related in sexuality, especially out of mainstream sexuality, are taboos, I've wanted to explore them in my job and art. Almost all my career I have worked with leather and explored the stigma which it has. In my work I want to combine people's fantasies and reality, and show them to everyone.

    - Henrik


    Olen valmistunut vaatetusmuotoilijaksi 2004, seksuaalineuvojaksi 2015 ja tällä hetkellä opiskelen seksuaaliterapeutiksi. Koska seksuaalisuus, etenkin valtavirrasta poikkeavat seksuaalisuuden ja sukupuolen muodot, ovat edelleen tabuja, olen halunnut käsitellä niitä työssäni, sekä tuottamassani taiteessa. Lähes koko urani muotoilijana olen työstänyt nahkaa materiaalina, sekä pyrkinyt tutkimaan siihen yhdistettävää fetisististä leimaa. Työssäni haluan yhdistää ihmisten fantasiat ja todellisuuden, sekä tuoda ne kaikkien nähtäväksi.

    - Henrik